Our Solutions Offering

Tailor made solutions to your most complex and high-level needs

Warning + Solution Offering


    • Management of our business activities through our Client Operations Center 24/7
    • Solutions designed to meet the needs of our Clients
    • Innovation, flow optimisation

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    • Distribution & Logistics Specialist: Emergency Shuttles & Close Deliveries
    • In-Situ & Proximity Logistics
    • Service & Management of Global Solutions: Charter, Courier, Packaging…

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    • Adaptability to the specific requirements of our Clients
    • Organization, Resources, Process…
    • Personalised Digital Solutions
    • Emergency Mode & Project Mode: – C.O. Center & Support Teams – Customized, dedicated web interface

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    • Activities with strong regulatory constraints, standards and operational specificities
    • Multiple Approvals & Authorisations: DGAC, Known Supplier, SDFA, Radioactive Transportation, Confidential and Classified, Sensitive Contracts…

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Our Solution Offering


WARNING SOLUTIONS organizes regular or on-demand shuttles, all vehicles, dedicated or shared, singly or integrated into more complex distribution schemes, interconnected via cross-docks, local or national and international, shared “timed” route schedules, package tracking, vehicle geolocation, and management by our C.O. CENTER.

Emergency deliveries activity is deployed 24/7 with all types of vehicles, integrating tracking and real-time geolocation, approach calculations for arrival estimates to the nearest minute, and instant online proof of delivery. Other, more economical and/or more complex solutions have been developed thanks to our service provider network.

Our specific expertise

Present in Paris airports for more than 20 years, we are a key player for Distribution and Logistics in Airport Environments. WARNING SOLUTIONS holds DGAC approval for CDG and Orly airports. Our crews (50 vehicles and more than 100 people) are authorized to be in the airport area (TCA badges, TZ permits, etc.). Our cross-dock platform at CDG airport, as a Known Supplier in Logistics, complements our Known Supplier Transport and SDFA capabilities to provide our clients with a complete chain of security. This expertise allows delivery to military bases with Confidential and Classified clearance requirements. We have also developed a rare expertise in Medical Distribution and Logistics, particularly in the Transportation of Radioactive Products. We have a CST and a PCR. We can transport all classes of Hazardous Materials over the road.

Planning and engineering

Planning and optimizing day-to-day transportation solutions with the right resources, qualified and in sufficient numbers, is our added value.
However complex the need, WARNING SOLUTIONS implements its business expertise to quickly offer an organizational plan that is operationally and economically optimized.

Safety and Security

Safety and security issues are an integral part of our business. They affect both our clients’ business locations and the goods being handled. To perform our services, we possess access authorisations (Charles De Gaulle/Orly airport areas, French military bases, secure production sites, etc.) and specific authorizations (DGAC approval, known supplier status, etc.).
An integrated Quality, Safety and Security, and Environmental Manager supervises these activities.

Tracking and management

Quality Tracking & Management tools are essential nowadays. We have the best tools on the market, complemented by dedicated interface developments that specifically meet the needs of our customers. Help from our Client Operations Center is available 24/7.

Need a customized solution ?

Warning uses its expertise and resources to offer you solutions that are adapted to your company’s needs. With exceptional customer service, Warning offers a tailor-made approach on a case-by-case basis.


  • 150 employees

    Types of vehicles (Motorcycles, Station Wagons, Vans, Lightweight and Heavyweight Trucks)

  • Innovative solutions

    Tracking, Geolocation,
    Management, Optimization

  • Dedicated
    digital interfaces

    Personalized pages and forms, Real-time geolocation, arrival estimates, online POD, Reporting…

  • Operational processes

    24/7 Service
    130,000 deliveries/year
    1,000,000 packages transported/year


  • Radioactive
  • Industrial
  • Art & Collectibles
  • Aeronautics, Aerospace, and Defense
  • Medical
  • Luggage
  • Tertiary and services
  • Airport environments
  • Military





Bring us to you!
Warning offers many positions where responsibility and autonomy are the keys to success.
Throughout France, you can make the most of your expertise within this fast-growing company.

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Bring us to you!
Warning offers many positions where responsibility and autonomy are the keys to success. Throughout France, you can make the most of your expertise within this fast-growing company.

Start your career at Warning! !

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