Warning’s Jobs






As the core business of the group, transportation — and more precisely, last mile transportation — requires as many skills as we have clients.

Because our transportation is targeted, the tools made available to our partners are also targeted, and our delivery staff are heavily involved in their missions in order to meet the demands of and remain a key player in our markets. To accomplish this, our drivers develop various skills in home delivery, installation, implementation, and consulting, and they all benefit from strong commercial guidance.

The various Warning transportation jobs are:


Beyond the storage and flow management tool it represents, logistics is an essential expertise that makes it possible to increase the value our distribution processes.

We have chosen to locate our warehouses as close as possible to operations and in strategic areas in order to increase our responsiveness. Logistics requires both technical skills and constant rigor in order to calmly manage freight rotations and facilitate their delivery.

The various Warning logistics jobs are:


As a part of all of our jobs, computerized data management allows us to secure our distribution processes and facilitate our deliveries at the same time, but it also lets us provide our partners with available information about their goods at any time.

For these reasons, we have chosen to maintain control of these jobs by developing our expertise internally, in order to ensure absolute responsiveness.

The information technology technician area encompasses a wide range of skills, from configuring machines and training employees to supporting IT networks.

The various Warning Information Technology jobs are:


At Warning, the support and administrative functions require strong job skills but are inherent to operations and extremely involved in the life of the company.

Working independently, these colleagues are given a high amount of responsibility in their tasks in order to develop their interest and have them actively participate in the group’s strategic decisions and progress. Whether it is the vehicle fleet, Human Resources, accounting, or administration, these services work in close collaboration with our operations.

The various Warning support jobs are:


Léa Lasseaux

WARNING is a company where everything is possible and that allows its employees to evolve at all levels.
With a master’s degree in international business, I have been working at the company for over 4 years, and I still continue to acquire skills, thanks to this booming company’s new projects.
In fact, WARNING is a young, dynamic company where I have been able to grow both professionally and personally.

On the professional level, my managers have supported my ambition and trusted me. I came on board as a sales assistant, where I consolidated my knowledge, and since then I have not stopped gaining skills and responsibilities. Having started my job at the headquarters in Lyon, I was able to enjoy professional mobility thanks to the many WARNING agencies in France. I had the opportunity to go to the agency in Paris with my position, which brought together my career and personal goals. When we get involved here, we are listened to, heard, and understood! So, to sum up my journey at WARNING, I would say that it is the balance between human potential and professional performance.

Amadou Souane

It will soon be 3 years since I joined WARNING. After “Order Preparers Team Leader” and “Facilitator,” I have been a “Department Manager” since March 2017. I am responsible for the area “East” of Ile de France. This internal promotion has allowed me, as it has for my counterpart from the WEST, to stay close to operations and to have an overview of all the tasks and missions.